The new extendable platform to be placed between silos developed by Silos Spain allows access to the elements located at the same level of two adjacent silos.

This modular double platform boasts the following features:

  • Extendable. The platform adapts to the real distance between two silos.
  • Modular. The platform is easily complemented with other elements used to access the silos.
  • Versatile. Two platforms can be combined to create a 4-silos joining platform.
  • Safe assembly. Platforms are built on the ground and placed between silos up in the air. This allows the installer to reduce the risks associated with working at heights.

The extendable platform is already available for silos model 4,58, but is ready to be developed for our entire range of industrial silos.

Silos Spain continues to innovate for enhanced efficiency and safety in the storage industry.


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