Grain conditioning

Conditioning is key for the proper storage of grains.






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Systems to maximise quality and reduce the risk of losses

According to the FAO, 20% of the grain harvested in the world is lost due to the proliferation of fungi and insects, which is why within our product range we offer systems for correct grain conditioning, which guarantees a quality product without losses.

We offer the following conditioning systems:


Cleaning systems

To remove dust, debris, stones, organic material, metals and any element other than the grain to be stored, resulting in a clean product that will maintain its quality over time.

Grain cleaning equipment we offer:

  1. Pneumatic pre-cleaner with rotary disc up to 80 t/h
  2. Pneumatic Pre-cleaner with internal inverted cone up to 320 t/h
  3. Screen precleaner up to 320 t/h
  4. Dust extraction systems throughout the process (depending on the installation).


Drying systems

The grain coming from the harvest has a high degree of humidity, so – once clean – it must undergo a drying process before being stored to prevent fungal proliferation or the germination of grains.

We offer the following equipment to reduce the moisture content of grains:

  • Drying towers ranging from 3t/h* to 191t/h*.
  • A variety of burner, gas, diesel and biomass systems.


Ventilation systems

We offer centrifugal fans and the connection systems required for any type of grain at any level of humidity. The ventilation system can be integrated within the temperature system, so that the fan turns on and off automatically, according to the required temperature of stored grain.


Special cooling systems

Mobile grain cooling systems are a supplement to ventilation, which serve to reduce temperature degrees in extreme environments, thus maintaining an optimum storage temperature.

We offer advice on grain conditioning systems in order to cover all the needs of the storage facility.

* Estimated yield considering wheat as a base product, with a density of 0.75 T/m3.

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