Grain Storage Silos

Galvanised sheet metal silos are nowadays the best alternative for grain storage thanks to their versatility, easy assembly, hygienic handling and low storage cost.

Our grain silos:

Flat Bottom Silos

Used for long-term storage of large quantities of grain

Hopper Silos

Reduce building costs and streamline assembly work

Truck Load Silos

Used for the storage of bulk products

Farm Silos

Used for the storage of animal feed

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Features of our grain silos

  • Our silos with a cylindrical body and 30º sloped roof are designed to store grains, seeds and pelletized products.
  • We manufacture silos pursuant to various standards in order to adapt to our customers’ needs including European EUROCODE and US ANSI standards.
  • Silos are manufactured with galvanised steel S350GD of high elastic tolerance coated with ProMag to enhance corrosion resistance and extend their lifespan. More information about ProMag

Technical features of our grain silos

Wall rings

We work with a wide range of wall ring thicknesses. We also have pre-lacquered sheet metal with different finishes. As an option, a layer of baked paint can be applied for large thicknesses.


We use ProMag coating for stiffeners up to 4mm. Thicker stiffeners are hot-dip galvanised.

Silo Accessibility

Our silos feature an inspection door for maintenance for maintenance in the second wall ring as well as another one on the roof.

The access stairs to the silo, roof and catwalks are designed to be safe and ergonomic. Designed pursuant to standard UNE-EN ISO 14122-2 and manufactured in highly-resistant galvanised steel, they offer the best solution for silo inspection and maintenance.


We have improved the designs of our roofs by developing Z-profile structures with higher bearing capacities so they can now withstand mechanised transport with a performance of up to 1,500 T/h.

Roof chimneys

Our chimneys guarantee proper silo ventilation and the meticulous design prevents the entrance of water even in the most adverse of conditions. They may also be supplied with an anti-snow kit.

Inspection Windows

For easier visual control of the silo and the material stored inside, inspection holes are included on the roof which, due to the quick-close system and easy access from the stairs, are an important handling tool.


It allows the silo to maintain its cylindrical shape without any effect from wind loads which offers rigidity and safety. They may be installed on the roof or on the wall ring depending on the diameter and height of the silo.

Types of silos

Hopper Silos

Flat Bottom Silos

Truck Load Silos

Farm Silos

Grain Silo Accessories

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