Our Products

Explore our comprehensive range of products designed to meet your needs for grain and water storage.

Additionally, we offer tailored solutions for conditioning, maintaining, and controlling grain quality throughout handling and storage processes.

We control all phases in the development, manufacturing, assembly processes, and materials used in production, ensuring optimal quality until delivery.

All our products comply with current European regulations.

Grain storage silos

Galvanised sheet metal silos are nowadays the best alternative for grain storage thanks to their versatility, easy assembly, hygienic handling and low storage cost.

Steel Tanks for Water Storage

Our new steel water tanks with ProMag coating are designed to exceed all expectations in terms of durability and corrosion resistance: Unmatched Durability and Quick Delivery

Grain conditioning systems

Conditioning is key for the proper storage of grains. We offer systems to maximise quality and reduce the risk of losses.

Grain handling equipment

Our grain handling equipment meets all quality and safety requirements and has been engineered to withstand the environments during grain handling operations.

Customized structures

Grain silos are not isolated structures. They have steel structures that allow their support, access for maintenance, the connection with the machinery…

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