Flat bottom silos

Our silos, either flat or hopper bottom, are used for extended storage of large quantities of grain, seeds and granulate products.

Our range of concrete base silos cover capacities ranging from 83 m3 to 45,055 m3 and with diameters from 4.58 m to 41.25 m.

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Flat bottom silo accessories


Bobcat door

The Bobcat door opening is ideal for high-capacity silos which are unloaded using light Bobcat machinery so the product residual slope is emptied. It is made with a rigid frame featuring pillars that transmit the loads to the ground and horizontal reinforcements.


For proper grain conditioning and conservation, among other reasons, we use ventilation systems for silos of all capacities and for all types of grains.


Flat bottom silo accessories


Ventilation grill

Framework comprised of perforated grating made of galvanised steel. The minimum standard ventilation surface is 15% and may even reach 100%. We also offer reinforced ventilation grating for drive-thru machinery.

Sweeping machines

Our sweeping machines adapt to all of our silo diameters and can be complemented with accessories that enhance emptying by eliminating all existing residue between the sweeping machine and the ground. Complies with the ATEX standards required for work inside a silo.


Flat bottom silo accessories


Lateral unloading system

Our lateral unloading system means a truck can be loaded directly from the silo without the need for additional machinery. It includes a manual drive discharge gate.

Inner silo staircase

The inner silo staircase makes for easy access to the inside of the silo for maintenance tasks and visual analysis of the product within.

Roof staircase

The roof staircase complies with our clients’ most demanding expectations combining accessibility, safety and comfort for comprehensive plant maintenance.

Spiral staircase

The winding staircase is a perimeter staircase specially designed for easier access to the silo in a comfortable and safe way. Enables easy maintenance.


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