Grain Silo Accessories

Grain silo accessories have different functions and may help to improve the efficiency, safety and effectiveness of grain storage and handling operations.

We offer a full line of grain silo accessories to fit your needs and increase your project profitability.

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Grain Silo Accessories



The slide is an inner conduit situated on the roof and wall of the silo to make the product slide down homogeneously to prevent breakage during loading (of the silo).

Level sensors

We offer instruments that are able to measure the product level at fixed points or continuously.

We manufacture supports for the different options as well as for a completely integrated system.

Thermometry systems

Silos Spain offers a grain temperature and moisture measuring, monitoring and control system for the inside of the silo.

This system includes the supports for the different probes adapted to the structure of our roofs.


Grain Silo Accessories


Fumigation systems

Our engineering department has developed a pneumatic ventilation chimney closure system that enhances the conditions of the silo for fumigation purposes.

Perimeter handrail

The perimeter handrail is a structure that enhances safety when doing maintenance work on the silo roof.


To improve the conservation of the product inside the silo, we offer a silo insulation system that is recommended for products with a chemical composition that can easily change (such as processed rice or white corn or in countries with warm climates).

When the inside of the silo reaches an extreme temperature and the temperature in the silo drops quickly at night, it is suddenly cooled which creates inner condensation which can deteriorate the product or steel quality.

  1. Double sheet insulation: For roofs, wall rings or the cone. The outer sheet can be pre-lacquered, preferably in white.
  2. Double sheet plus insulation material: Insulation material is added between sheets. The most common materials are polyurethane foam and fibreglass wool.



Grain Silo Accessories



For good grain conditioning and conservation, among other aspects, we equip all silos of all capacities and for a variety of products with a ventilation system. The necessary ventilation system is determined for each system following a technical study of the system and considering the type of grain, the environmental conditions, the silo capacity and dimensions.


Fans offer additional ventilation for tropical atmospheres or products that are likely to be affected by condensation.

We have axial fans equipped with plastic or aluminium propellers with specific supports included for each type of fan.


The necessary fan, which may be average to high-pressure, is determined following a technical study of the system based on the required air and pressure flow and considering the type of grain, environmental conditions as well as the silo volume and dimensions.

Grain cooling systems

The use of grain cooling and dehumidification systems is particularly recommended for facilities in countries with a tropical climate given the high humidity indices and average annual temperatures as well as for facilities aimed at long-term storage.


Overall, grain silo accessories can help improve the efficiency, safety, and effectiveness of grain storage and handling operations.

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