Once again, Lakbima Rice Mills has placed its confidence in our team to undertake the design, manufacturing, and assembly of a new paddy rice storage line in Sri Lanka. This project, conceived with the primary goal of maintaining the highest grain quality during storage in silos, builds upon the pioneering paddy rice preservation initiative initiated by the company four years ago in Sri Lanka.

The successful execution of the project, culminating in 2019, resulted in a facility with a total capacity of 5,400 m3, distributed across five silos with individual capacities of 1,073 m3.

To ensure the optimal quality of the rice, silos with relatively compact dimensions were designed to mitigate the risk of compaction damage.

The choice of hopper silos brings several strategic advantages:

  • Reduction of operating costs: 100% of the product is gravity-discharged, ensuring zero cost in unloading operations.
  • Prevention of mechanical damage: Mechanical damage caused by sweep augers is avoided.
  • Enhanced versatility: The inclusion of five silos enables the storage of various rice varieties, offering greater flexibility.

The silo insulation system, featuring double sheeting on the hopper and an intermediate chamber filled with glass wool, ensures that external temperatures do not affect the quality of the stored product.

To further strengthen quality preservation, a ventilation system with two options was implemented:

  • Centrifugal fan.
  • Grain cooler.

To improve efficiency and streamline temperature maintenance, the silos are completely sealed, optimizing the cooling process and its maintenance.

Thermal management is carried out through an automatic temperature control system, while the carefully selected handling equipment, including belt conveyors for rice loading and unloading, minimizes the risk of mechanical damage.

The seamless integration of all components, including the electrical panel, its connections, and the software for comprehensive plant operation, guarantees a unified and efficient system, further enriched by the addition of this new line.

We would like to convey our sincere gratitude to Lakbima Rice Mills for their trust in our team since the beginning of this pioneering project dedicated to paddy rice preservation in Sri Lanka.

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