We are pleased to announce the commencement of a new project at the Avinatur group’s feed factory in Guadix: the installation of a state-of-the-art silo plant for storing soybean meal. Avinatur is renowned for producing top-quality feed, tailored to the climatic and genetic needs of their birds to ensure optimal development. This project is a significant milestone in our mission to deliver efficient, high-quality storage solutions for the agricultural industry, in alignment with Avinatur’s rigorous standards.

This installation involves a range of carefully selected components to maximize the storage and handling of soybean meal. Regarding silos and accessories, we are installing two 06.11/14 silos, featuring a 60º inclination and elevated outlet openings at 3000 mm. These silos are reinforced with supports for enhanced stability and durability, and they also include specific cone reinforcements for vibrating bottoms to improve material handling.

To improve functionality, the silos are equipped with smooth interior sheet linings that minimize the adhesion of stored material and facilitate cleaning. Each silo is also fitted with a vibrating bottom extractor. Additionally, a 24.02-meter-long ring ladder has been installed for safe access to the silos.

Regarding catwalks and supports, the design includes side supports, as well as dome supports with a capacity of up to 150 tons per hour. These structures are interconnected by 25 linear meters of 1616 model catwalks, with a specific widening for maintenance tasks. An additional ring ladder, 3.43 meters long, ensures safe access to different levels of the installation.

Another key aspect of this project is the mechanized loading system. A 20-meter long TCI 100 chain conveyor with a 7-degree incline has been installed to facilitate the transfer of material into the silos. Additionally, two motorized slide gates have been implemented to further optimize loading efficiency.

Mechanized unloading. Both manual and motorized slide gates have been incorporated to regulate the outflow from the silos. The system is completed by a 16-meter long TCI 050 chain conveyor and a TR-300 screw conveyor, with a capacity of 62 tons per hour and a length of 9 meters. The screw conveyor features a 15-degree incline to facilitate connection to the feed mill.

Finally, the project also includes various essential connections and accessories to ensure the plant operates efficiently.

This project not only highlights the quality of our components but also demonstrates our commitment to optimizing the storage and handling of soybean meal, significantly enhancing the operational efficiency of the feed factory.

silo con forro de chapa lisa

Under construction: Soybean Meal Silo

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