We’re in the final stages of assembling a biomass silo, primarily designed for the storage of pellets and olive pits to be used as a renewable source of energy.

When designing biomass facilities, it’s crucial to consider various factors before selecting the most suitable system.

This specific project features a pneumatic loading silo, model 3.82/4 60º inlet 880, designed to ensure the efficient and secure storage of biomass, guaranteeing the preservation of the product quality over time.

To maintain precise and secure control of the silo’s contents at all times, we’ve equipped it with maximum level detectors, complete with a chimney, and capacitive minimum level detectors.

Additionally, we’ve integrated a manual scraper and a draw system with a handwheel. These devices not only simplify operation but also enhance the overall system efficiency.

This project underscores our ongoing commitment to providing sustainable and efficient solutions in the biomass sector, contributing to the advancement of renewable energy sources in Spain.

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