We are thrilled to provide an update on our project in Bolivia: the assembly of the final silo in our soybean storage facility.

Upon completion of the assembly and installation of the catwalk, the facility will be fully operational, boasting a storage capacity of 60,000 tons of soybeans distributed across 6 silos, each with a capacity of 17,900 m3. In addition to these silos, the facility will incorporate a range of essential systems for efficient grain management:

  • Receiving and unloading system: Facilitating efficient entry and exit of soybeans.
  • Cleaning system: Ensuring the quality of the stored product.
  • Drying system: Controlling moisture levels to preserve the integrity of soybeans.
  • Ventilation system: Ensuring optimal airflow conditions within the silos.
  • Temperature control system: Ensuring that soybeans are stored under ideal conditions.
  • Handling equipment: Ensuring the safe and efficient grain conveying within the facility.

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