Corn storage in a metal silo

In this article we are going to explain the control plans that are required for the proper storage of corn in a metal silo, a common question many of our clients have.

Since cereal grains are hygroscopic, they usually develop a relationship with the moisture around themselves to achieve a balance with the air atmosphere. Depending on environmental conditions either the grain takes the humidity from the environment or the grain transfers its own moisture to the exterior.

The worst effect can be grain humidification, which can lead to fermentation (anaerobic oxidation), which increases the temperature and damages grains, allowing the proliferation of insects.

The grain is a “living being” and therefore breathes naturally and should have the optimal conditions of humidity and temperature.

Therefore, control plans for grain storage in metal silos are:

  • Temperature control system
  • Dimensioning adequate ventilation with centrifugal fans.
  • Cooling system, ie, cold air ventilation (if necessary).

For corn in particular, optimal conditions for long storage periods are:

  • 13% humidity
  • Temperature of 15 ° C

The table below indicates the theoretical days of storage without deterioration of the corn kernel:

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