The harmony between structural, conveying and grain storage systems is key for the proper functioning of a storage plant.

Grain silos are not isolated structures; instead, they have steel structures that enable various functions. For instance, these metal structures can provide support to the silo itself or the conveying machinery, allow access for maintenance tasks, or even facilitate connections with other machinery or plant facilities.

The catwalks allow the support of the loading equipment and make it easier to maintain and operate the storage plant.

The support towers are specially designed to bear the loads from the catwalk by transferring them to the foundation directly.

The elevator towers are used in facilities where the reception of grain is centralized in a group of elevators or at port facilities.

The dome supports are placed above the top cover of the silo roof. There are different types based on the machinery performance and the type of catwalk.

The lateral supports are used for light machinery and additionally, oblique supports can be added to the lateral support depending on the silo and catwalk model.

Every steel structure has to be designed to fit the silo perfectly. At Silos Spain, we strive to achieve this harmony between structural systems and conveying systems and storage systems. We employ cutting-edge technologies to provide efficient structural systems tailored to the specific needs of each installation, delivering the value demanded by today’s and tomorrow’s storage facilities.

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