We introduce our new farm silos featuring ProMag coating, designed to exceed all expectations in terms of durability and corrosion resistance.

In December, we announced the replacement of the Z-600 coating by the revolutionary ProMag for the production of our water tanks, and now we extend this enhancement to our entire production of farm silos.

ProMag, an advanced alloy of aluminum, magnesium, and zinc, provides exceptional protection in harsh environments. Its remarkable properties ensure an extended lifespan for the silos, along with a host of additional benefits.

Corrosion rates

Key advantages of farm silos with ProMag coating:

  1. Superior Corrosion Resistance: ProMag coating offers corrosion protection 10 times superior to galvanized steel and 5 times superior to galvanized steel Z-600 (600 g/m2), according to ISO 9223 Standard.
  2. Total Anticorrosive Protection: The self-healing effect of ProMag ensures the protection of uncoated edges, scratches and perforations.
  3. High-level Corrosion Protection in Aggressive Environments: Designed to withstand highly aggressive environments.
  4. Preservation of Stored Product Quality: Increased protection in the silo translates to better preservation of the quality of the stored product.
  5. Lower Long-Term Costs: Choosing farm silos with ProMag coating ensures a cost-effective long-term investment, avoiding expensive repairs or replacements.
  6. Environmental Responsibility: ProMag coating positively contributes to environmental care by using less zinc than pure zinc coatings.

The use of ProMag coating across our production of farm silos and water tanks sets a new standard in durability and sustainability.

However, we want to emphasize our commitment to providing options, and we continue to offer the choice of pre-lacquered green silos for customers who prefer this alternative.

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